here for you

ISC is a friendship club for internationals from every nationality, culture and religion. We are here in the US to help you… even before you arrive with student leaders, volunteers and staff. Officially with ASU since 1983, now with clubs on all four campuses to help those interested better understand God as revealed in the Bible. We believe our faith and hope is shared when we serve others in love and invite you to join us. International Students Club is sponsored by a Christian organization, International Students, Inc. but students of every nationality, race, and religion are welcome. ​

WE have You Covered

Free english lessons

Native English speaking volunteers enjoy meeting people from all over the world as they gather online and in person for English as Second Language (ESL) development.

Friends in community

Be connected in a caring “Home Groups” to help you when you are here. Groups meet regularly at different times and places, all over the Phoenix area.

airport pickups

Trust-worthy volunteers can pick you up at no cost when you arrive for the first time at PHX. Our desire is to help you feel welcomed and get settled for school.:).