ASU was in the news again this week when parents learned teens were exposed to Covid-19 in an ASU dorm. When you consider that over 10,000 students just moved onto campus, of course there would be exposure. That’s why most international students are doing all they can to stay away from campus right now. Some of the articles focused on how ASU seemed to not have a plan in place for when students test positive. That would be fake news.

We received a letter from ASU President Michael Crow this week that addressed the fears by reminding them of the truth: ASU has a COVID management framework in place, operating under the expectation that Covid-19 is not going way anytime soon and that they have established extensive protocols to help manage the virus in our community. I am a parent with a child attending ASU, and I have lots of international friends attending ASU, being reminded of this truth brought faith back into my expectations for the Fall 2020 Semester. The truth freed me from fear that can be debilitating.

Truth has an uncanny way of setting us free. Our thoughts, feelings and even our experiences can be misled and misinterpreted, particularly when we are under stress and duress (welcome to the US). Seeing the sun disappear and being consumed by darkness would be scary… if you did not have the truth and faith it would return. As a person who daily reads the Bible for truth, I see that there is a Creator God who created a framework (laws like gravity, thermodynamics, etc.) because He loves us and desires that we know and have faith in The Truth so that we are free to experience joy, peace and purpose as we wait for the next beautiful sunrise.