International Students coming to the US for a degree are an elite group. They have accomplished themselves academically in their country and have overcome multiple hurdles to enter the US for an education and experiences that will help them succeed in life. The ones who have chosen to study at ASU are in a class of their own as they join the “New American University” at one of the four campuses dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education and meaningful societal impact. Bravo!

International Students Club (ISC) has been welcoming these new students for over 37 years and we’re ready to welcome more this year with a community Warm Welcome designed just for them. First and foremost, we want ALL new international students to know that we are happy to have them here. We are sorry that some Americans don’t appreciate having foreigners come here for a better life. We welcome you… and we desire to help you personally connect with an American family or friend for a cultural exchange relationship that will bless everyone.

We also desire to help you connect in a meaningful community where you can experience a sense of belonging. We know we can’t replace your family, friends and culture back home… but we would like to help you supplement them as you make new memories, friends and even family. Our slogan is “DO MORE THAN SURVIVE… THRIVE! If you can, come to our Warm Welcome on Friday, August 13, 6-9pm at the ASU Student Pavilion. We will have lots of food, fun and friends for you to meet. We will also be offering rides to big stores to help you get settled. We do all this because we believe this is what Jesus would do. Send a note to if you have questions… we are ready and set to welcome and help you get connected.