The Covid-19 storm that blew in over a year ago has wreaked havoc on the world… and our lives. So many of us have built defenses around ourselves for protection from an invisible enemy. We have grown accustomed (even liked) the social and physical distancing that was forced on us for our own good, and the good of society. But we can now be vaccinated from the enemy and released from our fortress. Right?

A new normal is emerging but too many of us are staying inside, afraid to come out. It’s understandable, particularly for those of us who are introverted, shy, afraid or easily embarrassed. We have grown accustomed (even liked) being isolated and from being close to others. Insulated from outsiders, it became easy to lose touch with others… and our need to be touched by others.

Sometimes we need to reach in to reach out to others. We need to find within ourselves the courage and conviction to reconnect with others.  The ASU Counseling Services is available 24/7 at no cost. They want you to know “They are here for you. Anytime, anywhere.” Chatting with someone about your feelings will help you understand and overcome the doubts, fears and worries that are keeping your captive. International Students Club has a Support Circle specifically for international students every Friday at 3:00pm. Please, if you’re feeling alone, connect with someone who can increase your hope and wellness. Reach in and reach out.