Everyone wants to be successful. The question is, how do we define success? Could it be happiness, health or family? Is it to make lots of money and have possessions? Maybe to be powerful, rise up the corporate or political ladder until you’re on top above others. Should success even be measured by our career and job? These are all good questions.

As an international student, you’re already successful in accomplishing educational objectives that have brought you to another country. Some people would say that America is filled with opportunities to succeed… and that would be mostly correct. But the “American Dream” of success can also become a nightmare filled with greed, loneliness, anger, corruption and, basically, bad. 

Each person has a different definition for success, depending on where they are in life, and what they want. Earl Nightingale, considered by some to be the “father of personal development” said: “Now, success is not the result of making money: making money is the result of success– and success is in direct proportion to our service.” He defined success as serving others. 

The golden rule is known for being the most culturally universal ethical tenet in human history. This suggests a golden link to human creation. Jesus in the Bible taught “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Could success mean that we are to think of others more than ourselves? 

Your education is integral to your success. Your career will help develop your success. By “own your own business” we mean you make your own choices and not just follow the crowd. Surround yourself with people who care about what’s important and never stop learning how to serve and care for others. If you do good, that’s succeeding in what really matters, life.