We are living in a very stressful time, and if you’re in Arizona, it’s a very stressful place. ISC is aware that there are lots of international students feeling stuck, stranded and scared. The future seems uncertain, friends and family are not close and we are concerned being alone with negative thoughts can have long-term affects. Here are some tips to take care of yourself, reduce anxiety and bring back joy :).

#1 Know you are not alone, others are struggling too. ASU Counseling has “Support Circles” and other resources to help you explore new, productive ways to manage stress. As an action step, write down what is worrying you and connect with others to discuss. Just talking will help. #2 Reflect on your beliefs. Understanding and owning your personal values and beliefs will give you faith in the future, and reduce anxiety today. Regardless of what you believe, why do you believe that way? As an action step, practice reflection in any number of ways: reading Scripture; meditation; yoga; prayer or journaling. #3 Accept yourself and others as they are. Healthy attitudes and constant criticism do not go together. Give yourself grace and go forward with faith that you are loved. As an action step, be sure to extend forgiveness to others. As you free yourself from holding grudges, you’ll experience less anxiety and more joy.

We know it’s not that simple… but like any journey, it requires us to take one step at a time. Action step, remember ISC and others are available to help you if you find yourself stuck, stranded or scared. That’s what friends are for.