Have you ever heard Americans use the phrase “Circle the wagons”? This expression was formed many years ago when life in the United States was very different than it is now. In the 1800’s, many settlers traveled to the west in covered, horse-drawn wagons or carriages. At night, or when threatened during the day, the drivers would line up all the carriages in a circle to protect the settlers from attack. They would keep their families, animals and possessions inside the circle for safety.

Now, just like way back then, we need to “circle our wagons.” We need to join with others who care in community to protect ourselves. To protect one another. There are a lot of scary things happening all around the world and it’s only natural to be afraid… or at least concerned. But you don’t need to be alone. Find or create a support circle that will help you feel safe and secure.

ASU provides lots of resources to help you… like International Students Club. We’re an official religious club at ASU to help students spiritually. We have volunteers, staff and student leaders who can be trusted and would love to help you. The Counseling Department at ASU is committed to the emotional health and wellness of ASU students at this unprecedented time and are available 24/7. They also host “support circles” where you can drop-in and talk with someone to help you feel better, improve your grades and manage stress. ISC hosts one of these circles every Wednesday at 4:00pm.  Join a circle… you’ll be glad you did.