International Gastronomy is a way of life… the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food from other countries. International students and scholars come from all over the world to ASU and as we get to know them, they share their culture and cuisine. The finest of food can be found in a meal especially prepared for you by a new friend from another country. Enjoying the meal together is fascinating, fun and fulfilling.

We’ve found that most international students and scholars are also interested in our culture and cuisine. Eating together is a great way to build relationships as we “taste and see” how other people live, cook and eat. Eating in an international restaurant is fine, but eating in a home with new friends you’re getting to know personally is the finest! 

It is sad for us to think about international students studying in the US and never entering into an American’s home. It is found that over 60% come here to study but never really have a friendship where they exchange home visits. If you find yourself in that category, and are interested in a home visit, let us know at  We will introduce you to a nice volunteer family that would love to get to know you, your culture and cuisine. Jesus in the Bible enjoyed sharing meals. Heaven is described as a place where we can eat, enjoy fellowship and celebrate forever together. Don’t wait… contact us now.