As an international student, you have already shown yourself to be strong and wise. But, if we’re honest, this Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, along with all the peripheral problems being thrown at us, is affecting our wellness. Social distancing can too easily turn into physical isolation and that is not healthy. We are made to be encircled, in a family, in a community… to feel loved.

ASU Counseling Services and the Council of Religious Advisors (CORA) wants to support every aspect of your wellness. Support circles are virtual, drop-in, group support, at no cost to you. ISC encourages you to pursue wellness and these 60-minute support circles are designed to assist with coping, by providing discussion and skills for those in attendance. Support circles are focused on YOU… increasing your hope, getting support and finding restoration through spiritual wellness.

If you are looking for a caring, compassionate person to speak with, join our circle! Friends of Internationals and International Students Club will be hosting a Support Circle for ASU every Wednesday at 4:00pm. International Students Spiritual Support Circle, with Ben Joseph and Charles Boyle, is a supportive, drop-in, spiritual-focused connection for international students. No faith affiliation necessary.

NOTE: If you would like to speak with an ASU mental health provider, call the ASU Counseling Office at (480) 965-6146. If it’s a mental health emergency, call 911. If you just need a friend to talk with, please contact ISC… we are here for you.