I remember Easter egg hunts from my childhood. Hunting and finding delicious colored hard-boiled eggs, plastic eggs filled with chocolates and candy… even money. I liked hunting for these hidden eggs… but they hid from me the true meaning of Easter. It was right in front of me… but I passed right by.

Can we find Easter Eggs in the Bible? Yes, if you think of them in today’s terminology. The Easter Eggs we need to be looking for are like the ones you find at the end of a Marvel movie, or in a video game. Special messages put in by the creator to reveal something important. But you need to look for them, they are hiding, but in plain view. You need to seek The Truth… and you will find it.

Christians believe God reveals Himself to us in the Bible, beginning when He created all things. They see the Bible as history… and “His Story” for us to be part of when we believe by faith that there is more to life than what can be seen. It is important to know that the Bible has been written over thousands of years, by numerous authors in multiple languages to record the history of mankind… and our future. It documents how an all-loving, all powerful God gave us His Word, His promises long ago and we have been able to see them come true. If we look at the evidence, we can trust God and His Word.

Christianity is not a blind faith… it is not a leap into the dark. It begins by looking for truths found in the Bible. Promises given long ago that came true. Truths lying in plain view for anyone to discover when they experience them by faith. Why do people not see these Easter Eggs hidden in plain view? It is because they still believe they can do life themselves; they don’t think they need God. We are in rebellion and our eyes are blinded from seeing the spiritual battle because we focus too much on ourselves and what we can do. The Bible, and the message of Easter, shows us what Jesus has done for us.

Jesus Christ is The Good News that is found in the Bible. The all-loving, all-powerful God came as Jesus to help us find how to know God and His love for us. Easter is about Jesus conquering death after taking the punishment we deserve. We can find this Ultimate Easter Egg when we are ready to seek and find the truth.