Powerful people, particularly those leading our nations, should act like heroes, protecting the weak and vulnerable. What’s been hard this week is seeing them act more like bullies, using Embassies as ammunition and leaving lots of innocent people all over the world hurt and wounded. We are truly sorrow if this affects you personally and pray for a a quick resolution.

International students are the future leaders of the world, they are the answers to a better tomorrow. We recognize the potential you have and love to see you grow in character as you understand and emphasize with students from other countries, learning to trust and work together to solve global issues. It’s been said this younger generation is a “Hero Generation”  with the potential to change the world. I believe this is true… and I can see it coming true.

It comes true when we take a stand for justice, calling out wrongs and trying to make them right. When we love mercy, a kindness that is extended at personal cost when it’s within our power to do otherwise. It’s walking humbly, cultivating a healthy self-awareness that helps us see when we’re doing things to promote and elevate ourselves. The Bible directs us  towards this lifestyle (Micah 6:8) to make a difference today. It’s the path for heroes that will make our world better tomorrow.