Ever since the tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) language has always been confounding. Terms used to describe language levels in education sound like a riddle… TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, ETC. If you’re an international student, you’ve proven your ability to handle English as the language medium for the coursework. ISC is proud of you and all you’ve accomplished… whoohoooo! 

But maybe you’re still working on that proficiency test. Maybe you passed but you desire to improve your English proficiency. Good for you! We applaud your commitment to excellence and are here to help. First, don’t let Americans intimidate or insult you. Most of them only speak one language so keep your head up, smile and speak up confidently… you have a right to be heard. Second, don’t shy away from starting conversations in English, even with friends from your home country. We like to say practice makes perfect 🙂

Speaking of practice, did you know ASU has lots of opportunities for you to improve your English? You can begin with their Global Launch Program to learn English or just practice your skills with Conversation Partners. International Students and Scholars Center has a Let’s Chat Series to help you fine-tune your skills while making friends and having fun with interactive sessions. ISC also has a wide range of opportunities on our website www.isclub.org to help you with your English skills. Don’t let fear or doubts stop you from improving your English and ability to communicate in today’s globalized world. Speak up, have fun, make friends and know… we can hear you!