Don’t get me wrong… I believe you can be happy here in the Valley of the Sun, even in the middle of the summer. We need to always remind ourselves that “it’s a dry heat” and that’s why we’re not sweating profusely. We need to be thankful for the air conditioning that makes our homes, cars, classrooms and other places pleasant (even cold if you’re not paying the utilities). We’re in the middle of the Salt River Valley with numerous canals that bring us plenty of water to drink and even fill pools of water so we can dip in and be refreshed. Ahhhh… life is good.

But, it’s still only June so the Summer months have only started to heat up. Last year was the hottest summer on record, so we’d like to think it couldn’t get worse. But, it’s not going to cool off here until October so you need to plan now to escape the Valley of the Sun and find some happiness (that feeling that life is good so you smile). You can be happy that you’ve chosen to study at ASU and that you can drive a couple hours from any campus and find yourself surrounded by tall pine trees and cool mountain air. You can go to a nearby river or lake… or you can go next door to California and feel the cool ocean breeze brought in by the Pacific Ocean. Don’t let yourself be trapped in the heat.

Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. Sometimes we allow circumstances (like summer) to overwhelm us and we don’t think we can escape. We give up hope and feel our only option is to endure. Don’t let yourself get caught in this trap… pursue happiness. Remember you just survived a global pandemic and that you can go outside now. International Students Club is a friendship club here to help you make friends and have fun. We plan escapes from the Valley of the Sun for students, but we believe true happiness comes when you escape the worries of this world and find peace with God. For more information, check out Jesus Online.