It is hot in Arizona during the summer… sometimes really hot. It’s also true the summer season here is long…  like May to September. Some would say our four seasons include winter, warm, hot and hottest. And you might have also heard the unofficial– and very true–slogan echoed by locals, it’s really our only comfort: “It’s a dry heat.”

It is a dry heat, really (according to the Weather & Climate site). but there’s no escaping that the average high temperature in July for the past 10 years has been around 106 Fahrenheit and it breaks the 100-degree mark more than 100 days a year :).  But, with relative low humidity and air-conditioning everywhere… you can enjoy your time in the Valley of the Sun. Particularly if you’re a new student coming to Arizona State University… you will not regret your decision to be a Sun Devil.

Be sure spend time in the water. Most all apartment complexes have community pools… swimming at night is a great time avoid the sun. There’s also lots of other places to get wet and wild… Lake Powell is shared with Utah and is one of the largest man-made lakes in North America. But, there’s also nice lakes in the mountains outside of Payson. You can swim, kayak, paddleboard or joust lounge in the cooler temperatures found up North.

The key to staying comfortable in a hot climate, aside for drinking lots of water, is to spend the hottest times of the day inside with air conditioning. Arizona also has some world-class places to visit in the summer… and they all have AC. One of the most popular is the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale. It’s the largest museum of its kind, anywhere. More the 6,800 instruments are on display from cultures all over the world. There’s also displays on musical legends like Elvis. The Phoenix Art Museum is a great place for art aficionados to chill off during the day. And the Heard Museum can help you understand more about this new place you’re calling home.

International Students Club is here to help you get acclimated to your new home. We have volunteers who can help you with practical needs. Each semester we have a Warm Welcome to greet the new international students and introduce them to our Community volunteers who are available to take them to the store, bank, get groceries, etc. And they all have air conditioned cars and trucks!