Bread is amazing! It has been eaten and enjoyed for thousands of years, and there are thousands of different types. Sweet, sour, spicy, soft, flakey, hard and crusty. Like the different types of cultures and people who create and bake it, bread displays beautiful diversity and divine origins. We all come from the same humble beginnings, we grow, change, adapt and develop until we’re special… even becoming our own. But we need to remember what we’re made of… and what we’re made for.

Whether it’s naan in India, tortillas in Mexico or lavash in the Middle East, the baking and breaking of bread brings people together throughout the world. Bread is a significant symbol in many religions, with numerous references to it in the Old and New testaments of the Bible. What started with a mix of ground grains and water cooked on hot stones continues to expand as bread demand increases.

International Students Club (ISC) exists at ASU to break bread and build bridges. As a Christian club, we follow Jesus and He showed us the importance of sharing a meal with everyone. Jesus hung with, broke bread and loved people the “establishment” did not accept. He did not give in to the culture of “us and them” and all the “isms” that promote it… Jesus showed a better way.

As an international student, you are accepted and recognized as a global leader, here to improve yourself through education. As you can see by our website, our club is here to help you succeed and we encourage you to contact us if you have needs, We’d also love to hang with you and break bread. Practically, what that looks like is… we invite you to come into our home and enjoy a meal. It could be a special meal (like Thanksgiving) but it could also be an every day family meal… with you as our honored guest. We would love to hear you share about your home, family and culture… building a bridge. Please accept our invitation and email