The expression “bloom where you’re planted”  means you should capitalize on your talents and gifts while taking advantage of the opportunities available right in front of you. It’s an aphorism (pithy observation that contains a general truth) from nature. Life can be hard, but we should seek to “bear fruit” or be productive for our own benefit. To blossom and grow is beautiful, not just for yourself but for those around you too.

The Arizona desert seems like a crazy place to put down roots and grow… the ground is mostly rock and the weather is dry and hot. But, as Arizona State University continues to prove, it’s actually perfect if you’re looking to be part of the New American University. ASU believes that learning is for everyone, which is why it has evolved a student-centric model that supports innovation, agility, change and collaboration to meet the needs of our learners. ASU’s success is measured by how its graduates thrive and their ability to tackle the world’s most complex challenges. Click Here to learn more about the New American University.

If you’re an alumni, getting ready to graduate or thinking about attending… get ready to bloom where you’re planted. ISC is a club for international students and we love to keep in touch with graduates and see how they’re making the world a better place, particularly if they return to their home country. We’re also a Christian club and, though this exact phrase is not in the Bible, we see references to being planted in the Bible.

Blooming where we are planted is to make the choice to respond in a positive manner… or, to use another familar phrase “making lemonade when life throws your lemons.” Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? Particularly as we move towards summer :).  Remember, if you need help or encouragement, ISC is available. Send a note to and we can bloom together.