Maybe you’re wondering right now if you should attend Arizona State University (ASU). Our state has been in the news lately as we were one of the hotspots as the Covid 19 storm rolled through. It will get better, like the summer heat. Arizona is a great place to live… sure it’s a little warm (ok, hot) in the summer, but it really is a dry heat :). Did you know most of the people who move to Arizona come from California? California has cooler temperatures, and beaches… but it’s not a great place to live, like Arizona. 

ASU is a smart choice and strategic school to focus on your future. ASU prepares students for success with research opportunities, internships and entrepreneurial endeavors. In fact, ASU was ranked one of the best in the U.S. for preparing graduates for jobs, ahead of MIT, Columbia and UCLA. There are lots of reasons to attend ASU, but what about right now, is it safe?

I have a child attending ASU in the Fall, and it’s important to me that my child’s health, well-being and success are of top concern. I have a personal interest in making sure ASU has taken extra steps to ensure our entire community is as safe as possible. I live near the Tempe campus and have seen them making changes on campus to make is safer. Courses will be delivered in a blend of in-person and remote sessions. I regularly receive updates as I’m ASU staff and the parent of a child… and I can see they are committed to keeping everyone safe and on the path toward their goal.