U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) made a statement on Monday that international students enrolled only in online courses will not be allowed to remain in the United States. This has traumatized, already concerned international students, their friends and family all over the country, including in the Phoenix area. There is concern they will have to return to their country very soon, without adequate planning or notice.

If you are an international student feeling stuck and unappreciated here in the U.S., please know that ISC cares and is committed to helping you stay in the U.S. We’re also available to help you in any way we can. We’re praying God gives you comfort and protects you, your family and friends.

One thing is certain, there doesn’t appear to be a clear direction and the situation is always changing. We know all international students have invested a lot of time, energy and resources here to get their degrees. Leaving now would be difficult… financially, emotionally, spiritually and practically. It would appear Americans, including big businesses, are given lots of grace with the Covid-19 pandemic, but not international students.

We pray for the students affected… that they would be reassured by our government that we will help them during this crisis. We pray too for the safety of our schools as they are seemingly being rushed to open campuses. We have already sensed that international students are hesitant to engage with Americans, we pray this doesn’t create too much damage to our already strained relationship.

If you can, be an activist. Write a letter to contact your representatives and/or sign a petition. Here is a link to a petition:  https://bit.ly/ilifepetition2. ISC would also be happy to help you know how to make a difference.