International students are brave. It takes determination and courage to leave your home, country and culture to study in another country for a better life. Stepping into the unknown involves leaving your comfort zone and entering into who knows what. You’re also smart… I am sure you did some research and understood the risks. This is not living dangerously.

Living dangerously is usually a decision people make… like the stunt rider shown in the picture jumping his motorcyle high about Tempe Beach Park. He understands the risks of his lifestyle and chooses to jump. Another example would be a soldier volunteering for a high-risk mission… it will be dangerous.

Last year at this time we all seemed to begin living dangerously. Covid-19 came in like an unexpected storm and has yet to pass… it’s still doing tremendous damage a year later. We didn’t choose to live dangerously… life just seemed to become a high-risk mission. How can we use what seems bad for good?

ISC has been trying to help students during this storm. It was hard for us to see friends isolated and afraid… but we wanted them to be safe (not live dangerously). We are thankful ASU has taken lots of precautions to stop the spread of the virus and help students with their mental and spiritual wellness. We are also thankful for all the “essential workers” who lived dangerously to protect, provide and care for others during this difficult time. We have been blessed by these public servants who did their jobs faithfully, even though the job had suddenly became dangerous. As we slowly move back into living together, let’s be sure to be kind and courteous to one another… let’s also be appreciate. It’s safe to say this type of living is good.