International students who come to Arizona during the summer are almost always overwhelmed by how hot it. When you step outside Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in July you step into an oven. This is why we stay indoors during the summer… in air conditioned comfort. This year has been unprecedented in many ways, the global pandemic has kept us inside. Racial and political unrest has kept us inside. Record heat in Arizona has kept us inside. As we begin a new year, let’s make it a priority to stay healthy… and that takes us outside in Arizona.

Outside in Arizona is the perfect prescription for staying healthy in 2021. We acknowledge that Covid-19 is a real threat, and that interacting is how the virus is spread. We know that is why many people are staying indoors… but isolation and inactivity is bad for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Let’s look at each of these to see how we can be heathier and happier.

Outside in Arizona can help you stay healthy physically as you exercise and stay in shape. Taking a brisk walk in a park will help as breathe fresh outside air (though a mask, of course). Arizona is the sunshine state so you’ll also receive natural doses of Vitamin D, proven to help combat the Covid-19 virus. Hiking and biking are just a few of the ways you can have fun as you improve your physical health.

Inside always is boring, drab and dreary. Even if it feels safe, we need to be careful and not suffer from depression, anxiety or other “mental ills” from being alone inside. Going outside in Arizona will stimulate your senses as you explore new areas or return to familiar places. Going outside is the smart move, especially during the Christmas break. Everyone needs a break.

Being outside in Arizona will help you spiritually as you enjoy the extraordinary beauty in God’s creation. You don’t need to be inside a cathedral, temple, mosque or church to encounter God. God encounters us as we look for Him in the world He created for us to enjoy… and that’s hard to do if we’re inside. ISC is here to help you thrive and we have safe outings planned to help you get outside in Arizona.