International Students Club in an official “Friendship Club” at ASU. It started nearly 40 years ago with volunteers interested in meeting students from other countries and continues today with the same emphasis. ISC has met thousands of students from nearly all countries. Everyone benefits as we build bridges cross-culturally, creating friendships that can last a lifetime (or beyond).

We have discovered that the best way to meet international students and scholars is to help them succeed with their education. Our desire is to be available to help them with practical needs like English, getting furniture or making friends. From picking students up at the airport when they first arrive, to visiting them in their home country after they graduate, we want to be there for them. We love seeing students thrive as they join our international “Family” and find the love and support everyone needs… particularly if you are far from home.

ISC is a member of the ASU Council of Religious Advisors, an innovative and strategic group created by ASU to help students with their spiritual needs. ASU President Michael Crow addresses this group regularly and he always reminds them that ASU is committed to helping students with their mind, body and spirit. He rightfully recognizes that many student need the support of a trusted faith family. Others might be interested in exploring faith and spiritually. ISC has Christian Advisors available to help international students. We believe the Bible is God’s Word to us and seek to apply it to our lives. We are also here to help you enjoy a good meal, build friendships and have fun 🙂