Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic and other sociopolitical factors, mental health needs are important to prioritize and attend to (i.e. don’t ignore them). The rest of this calendar and school year will be filled with unique experiences and stressors… many of which will impact our mental health. There are lots of ways we can support ourselves… and one way is connect in community and support each other. Let’s not go alone! ISC desires to build a “Culture of Care” in our club and on campus to help others struggling with negative thoughts. When we help each others, we help ourselves.

Let’s make sure we all have people we regularly check-in on to see how they are doing with school and life. We should “physical distance” to keep safe but don’t “social distance.” As you text, pm or call those in your circle you will encourage them, letting them know there is someone close who cares. Check on their health and the health of their family. As we build a “Culture of Care” we will all feel less isolated, lonely and vulnerable. Everyone is caught in this storm that has flooded the world, let’s be sure to reach out and help those near us struggling to stay afloat.

ASU has lots of resources available to help students stay healthy. Their Counseling Department is available 24/7 for anyone who’s struggling. They also have social, emotional and spiritual health Support Circles if you just need to talk with someone. ASU President Michael Crow reminds ISC and other spiritual groups each year that the university is committed to helping the students with their mind, body and spiritual needs. We know school is keeping your mind busy, but talk with others if you feel stressed. Exercise your body to help support your mind. Connect with a spritual community like ISC and help build a “Culture of Care.”