graduate students & visiting scholars

Beat the Heat!

ISC is inviting graduate students and visiting scholars to join us on a trip to the cool Arizona mountains on Saturday, June 9th.  We will be driving to Woods Canyon Lake in the mountains above Payson, AZ for the day.

Woods Canyon Lake is a beautiful lake at the top of a mountain range and is surrounded by a beautiful forest.  In addition to trails near the lake, there is a trail that winds along of the edge of the top of the mountain with breath-taking views of miles and miles of beautiful scenery.

Join us!  We will meet at the ASU bookstore at 8:30am on Saturday, June 9th.  We’ll drive up to Payson and stop for a break.  You can buy lunch there or bring your own.

The cost is $15/person to cover parking fees and gas.  We will probably be back in Tempe around 7:00pm or so, but it depends on how the day is going.  So it is possible that we will stop for dinner on the way back.

Space is limited so let us know soon if you would like to go.  Please text Kelly at 480-734-9808 to reserve your spot or ask questions.



Friday Night Free Dinners
& Bible Discussions 6:30pm

6:30pm in an American Home (currently on summer break)
Grads and Scholars, looking for a community? This is a good place to make new friends, enjoy a free dinner, practice English and discover more about the Bible. Transportation will be provided from the ASU Bookstore, 525 E. Orange Street, at 6:10pm on Friday nights. Questions, call 480-540-1518 or email

Grads & Scholars with their families (currently on summer break)
There is a separate Dinner and Bible discussion each Friday night, 6:30pm at 1341 E. University Dr. in Tempe. Contact person: Joel, 218-731-3200.