New students… we have airport pickup just for you

plane landingISC has lots of trust-worthy volunteers and staff who are willing and able to pick you up when you arrive for the first time at Phoenix International Airport. Our desire is to help you feel welcomed and get settled for school. For more details, see our registration page.

ASU Airport pickup pick up free transportation ride

Fun social and recreational activities and trips

International Students Club (ISC) desires to help international students during their time here in the U.S.A. through social and recreational activities, trips and events.

Visit us at the ISC Table on the Main Campus

(ISC) is a friendship club at ASU for all international students. Visit the ISC table (located west of the Memorial Union) to get information, practice English, meet others and sign up for activities.

Welcome parties help you make new friends

ISC hosts many activities at the beginning of each semester to help students meet other students and friends who will help them get settled.

Thank you for visiting the ISC website!

Please note that due to the coronavirus, many of our regularly scheduled events, activities and classes will be postponed. We recognize that the events happening all around the world can be hard for international students living away from family and friends. Please know that we are here to help you if we can. For more information, send a note to

ISC is Like Four Clubs in One!

International Students Club (ISC) is a friendship organization for all international students. We befriend and help internationals during their time here in the U.S.A. through practical help, social and recreational activities, trips, English conversation classes, and Bible studies.

To help more students on the campus of ASU, we have divided the International Students Club (ISC) into four specific groups that meet regularly during each semester. Joel Nordtvedt oversees the group that focuses on graduate students and visiting scholars. They meet for Friday Night Bible Discussion each week at a home near campus. Sue Hayzlett oversees the group that includes graduate students and visiting scholars with children, meeting for Friday dinners and Bible discussions, with activities for children.  Emmanuel and Mabel Chijindu provide direction to the African Students Forum (ASF). meeting once a month on Saturday in the C3 Building near campus. Charles and Tracey Boyle oversee a group for undergraduate students, meeting weekly for a free meal and Bible Discussion Groups on Friday nights at their home near campus.

ISC also has events and activities like the English Conversation Classes for all students, but the regularly scheduled meetings will be divided into the four groups.
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International Students Club is sponsored by a Christian organization, International Students, Inc. We are a Christian club, but international students of every nationality, race, and religion are welcome.

​For more information or special requests, please email us at

Click here for our weekly activities.